GMF Tooling Visual Editor

In order to simplify the creation process of the GMF models we created a graphical tool (Based on GMF) to allow us to create a complete GMF model in a few minutes.

Simple GMF Map Demo

Eclipse Labs Site

Simple GMF Editor

We can also create a simple GMF Editor from an existing gmfmap file:

Want to try it ?

Want to contribute ?

Any feedback is welcome !!!

We will give a brief talk about this tool at the Eclipse Modeling Symposium next 26th March.

EclipseCon 2012

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5 Responses to GMF Tooling Visual Editor

  1. Hi,

    That’s very cool stuff! You must share this with the GMF users forum ( ) and with the GMF developers ( ) to get more feedback. Maybe this could become part of the GMF Tooling project, as the main or an alternative editor for GMF-Tooling,

  2. Arthur daussy says:

    I haven’t test if for now but I would like to know if such an editor can be used to directly edit gmfgen file?


    • aalvamat says:

      Hi Arthur,

      The editor is used to generate the canvas, tool and map models all combined in a single file from where you can then generate the gmfgen file.


      • Arthur daussy says:

        Thanks for your answer. If I have time I would try it however I would have been more interested in an editor for gmfgen file.


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