GMF Simple Map 1.0 Released

GMF Simple Mapping Editor 1.0 has been released on the marketplace with many improvements and new features.

New update site:

New Demo : GMF Simple Map Editor 1.0 Demo

Nested children:

Among the new features you will find the that now we can create nested children inside their own parents (On previous versions we needed to create them as sub nodes outside their parents)

GMF Simple Map 1.0

Predefinded figures combo:

Now, we can easily change the node figures without losing the common properties. For example, if we configured a rectangle with some properties (color size etc) and we now want to change it to a Rounded Rectangle, we can change it in the Figure Tab using the predefined figures combo, and the new figure will have the same attributes as the original one.

GMF Simple Map Figure Selection

Recursive child node references:

Now we can reuse existing nodes creating recursive child references to other nodes. On the example figure, we have a sub department node refering to the existing department node.

Recursive Reference

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GMF Simple Map at the EclipseCon 2012

We gave a brief talk about the GMF Simple Map Editor tool at the Eclipse Modeling Symposium last 26th March.

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GMF Tooling Visual Editor

In order to simplify the creation process of the GMF models we created a graphical tool (Based on GMF) to allow us to create a complete GMF model in a few minutes.

Simple GMF Map Demo

Eclipse Labs Site

Simple GMF Editor

We can also create a simple GMF Editor from an existing gmfmap file:

Want to try it ?

Want to contribute ?

Any feedback is welcome !!!

We will give a brief talk about this tool at the Eclipse Modeling Symposium next 26th March.

EclipseCon 2012

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